For reasons that will continue to bamboozle me, my family likes to either tell me the last 5 minutes that we are going somewhere, or say ” let’s go ” and expect me to leave the house right here right now. Many of these times we go out to eat but this time we payed a visit to my grandparents. When this situation happens I’ll just take my hair out of the foam rollers I put in or unbraid my hair to create a wavy look to attempt a ‘ I spent a couple of minutes to an hour on my hair ‘ look.

Honestly I don’t know why they do this to me. And I know, for a fact that they don’t warn me because my little Molly, a very small but feisty little Chihuahua barks anytime someone says my name. So hearing a RAVEN GET READY TO LEAVE WE ARE GOING SOMEWHERE would have made its way to my ears, resulting in an immediate head ache because my dog and my body moving faster than my brain can process.

So over time I learned how to deal with the days like this by creating a very fast and easy makeup routine ( tune in next week) and always keeping my hair in some overnight hairstyle. It almost never fails me.

Something else that always never fails me is the black high wasited jeans I wear in almost every post, it is truly embarrassing. I got them at forever 21 and to be honest at first I didn’t even know they were high waisted.

I know your probably laughing at me right now and asking

“How did you not know they were high waisted

Well you see my friend, when I bought them they didn’t look ” high waisted” and they didn’t say “high waisted” so I just thought hey! There not high waisted!!!

That was until I attentionally bought a pair and boom I figured out that they were. I don’t know how I didn’t notice expecially seeing that they went up really high and they were always scrunched in the crotch area, but I have dumb moments.

Either way I think for under ten minutes, this look was not so bad. The shirt from Love Culture and the jeans from Forever 21 paired perfectly creating an almost casual grunge look. The boots toped it off but if I wanted to go all out I would have topped it with a Hat and a chocker and maybe my favourite black bracelet that you can find here and here.

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