School has official started for me and I am on my second week. It’s going well so far but mainly because I did these 14 things.

  1. Soak in your last week of summer, we wont have a break like this for a while

Honestly you might thing school was all fun and games because in the last two weeks that’s all we had but remember there is test, friend drama, boy or girl drama and worst of all what to wear

2.Deep Clean Everything your room, closet, bathroom, mental stability

Go In your closet and get rid of all old clothes, clean sneakers, and make a checklist of what new clothes you need to get, trust me it will save you so much time when shopping actually comes.

3. memorize your schedule

too many times I lost my schedule its ridiculous and it’s because it dropped or I left it at home or my teacher has it but the best thing to do is to just memorize it.

4. Time yourself in the morning grogginess and all, to see how long it is going to take you to get ready in the morning

days when you want to sleep in (always) you’ll be grateful to know and try to beat your record for getting ready

5. A week or two before school starts start going asleep an hour or two before the time you have to be at school

when ever you normally get ready for school practice going to sleep at that time because you need to get back into your routine

6. Go on your teacher directory and look for the materials you’ll need for school

because if your teacher ask for a protractor and you didn’t know you needed one, it would suck when you try to get it and your classmates and 50 others already got it

7. If you’re a blogger take  a couple of days to plan out some extra post and post for the rest of the month also set up a queue for your social media

this saved me and your just not going to have no time

8.Get your nails and hair done

Another hairstyle wont kill you!! It is night switching it up every now and then also after getting my nails done until I get a polish change I don’t have to deal with my nails being chipped or not

9. Buy new makeup and test out looks for school

I just like pre-planning if I am honest

10. Pre record any TV show season so you can watch it on the weekends

I was so mad when I didn’t record Pretty Little Liars and now I am like 3 seasons behind

11. Create what to bring to lunch ideas

I have a post about that coming up so stay tuned

12. Go on ratemyteacher.com and see what your teachers will be like

You will either be like


13. Decide what clubs you want to join

14.  Sign up for after school activities/classes

As soon as you possibly can because they will fill up faster than you think


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Ugh I’m not looking forward to going back to college at all haha

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