I don’t think you guys realize how much I love and appreciate when you guys comment

“Hey this post is so cute”


“Love your blog keep I up!!”

You guys literally make my day because even though I barely started and I still don’t get comments on every post just knowing someone is seeing it and that I’m not just talking to a wall makes me really happy and I just wanted to say thank you!!

And it is so crazy because I was even nominated by Courtney for a fashion blogger award and I don’t take this kind of stuff lightly!!

Anyway since I spent a lot of time being sappy and thanking you guys lol lets get started!!!


What is your favourite physical feature on yourself?

Hmmm this is a hard one for me because like everyone we all get a little bit insecure about ourselves but even though we have a love hate relationship I think it will defiantly be my eyes. They are literally so big!! lol

Which of the four seasons do you prefer?

Fall defiantly because where  I live it’s the perfect weather not to hot or cold. The fact that I get to wear sweaters and boots and scarves excites me I just can’t wait!!!

Which part of your makeup routine (if you have one) takes the longest? If not, what part of the outfit choice process takes the longest?

I’ll answer both since I do my makeup which is light and simple. The longest thing for me and I think everyone can agree would be eyeliner because it never turns out right!!! And I’m still looking up tips on Pinterest for me to get It right lol

For outfit wise it’s in between shoes and accessories because I believe they both can make or break an outfit and defiantly go a long way

How are you feeling right now?

Brah I am so tired!!! I have two test next week and one of them were not even done with the chapter so I’m just sitting here like


What is your favourite quote?

I love quotes!!! I don’t think you understand honestly but my hands down favorite would probably be

Because I’m always being told I can’t and people constantly saying this to me gives me motivation to do better and prove them wrong

Four words you would tell your younger self.

No ones opinion matters


You will find yourself

What is the most expensive beauty/fashion item you own?

Either my Michael Khors purse or my future  MK watch and Timberlands

What is the least expensive beauty/fashion item you own?

Any hat that I have I honestly don’t know

Least favourite makeup/fashion trend?

Lip liner for make up because it’s rarely done right in real life. Like on Instagram or any fellow blogger it’s done perfectly but when I go out and see it…

And as for my least favorite clothing trend it would be the whole ripped shirt thing  because it’s just a big no no

Favourite makeup/fashion trend?

Defiantly the whole street look and High waist pants there so adorable and show of everyone’s body . As as for street look I feel like it is more fluid and easier to show your personality because it’s street style

And that’s all the questions I was asked and since I really only read a few bloggers I won’t be able to mark ten but I nominate:

1. WithAllMyAffection

2. AStyleCollector

3. MissMaven

4. Hausofabigal

5. Agirlobsessed

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