So I was struggling to write a post to publish today I am not going to lie to you guys. I am having the worst writers block because I started school and I a more worried about getting really good grades, I really hope you guys understand.

But anyway while I was looking for inspiration from my favourtie bloggers I came across a post that said that Justin Bieber was promoting rape culture with his new song What Do You Mean.

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I am a very proud fan of Justin Bieber and I know when to call him out when he is doing stuff when he is not supposed to be doing. I am not one of those fans who are in denial and think that he is an angel who has done nothing wrong because we all know he has done many things wrong because he is human and because he was a teenage millionare.

You know that if you were an 18 year old millionaire you would have been doing way worse things then he has done in 2014 but anyway. To say Justin is promoting rape culture is ridiculous.

He is talking about his overrated and completely toxic relationship with Selena Gomez that recently ended. Saying someone is promoting rape culture when he says ” when you nod your head yes but you want to say no” is childish.

Yes if you have not listened to the song you would think ew of course he is promoting rape culture. But if you listen to the song  fully you will see that he is talking about being really confused In a relationship and not knowing what his significant other wants. Justin would never do something along those lines and promote something so disgusting like that. It is so immature and just so repulsive that people say and do stuff like this for the dumb mistakes he made and just because he is Justin Bieber.

It honestly just angers me that people do this instead of focusing on songs that actually do promote this culture. And you know Taylor Swift, a women who started this is just mad that Justin and Selena had a horrible ending and she constantly played victim. I am going to make a whole another post about that.

It is ridiculous because I know celebrities sighed up for this but there constantly being judged and pushed and pointed to for the dumbest things

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