So Fall is finally here so get ready to see scarfs, leather, and the typical fall weather outfits!! I am so excited because I love this season so much!!! It just all going to be about cuddling, hot drinks and comfort and I am ready.

Speaking of comfort I am obsessed with this army green blouse it is unbelievable soft and the looseness of it is fantastic. I love the way it is long in the back but not too long were it is ridiculous. And the sleeves are not tight at all on my arms which makes it even more fitting it is just all around fantastic.

I of course had to pair it with some regular blue jeans to match the I don’t care look. The are really snug and fit, they kind of feel like leggings even though there not and that means I will be wearing them more often. And get this, they were only around eight dollars at forever 21 and there still on sale so you can get them. The sale isn’t online though its at there store so head over!!!




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