Does it ever take you a while or even a few outfit changes to fully like an  article of clothing? Literally deciding what to wear is such a struggle for me, if I don’t see potential in it than I just can’t and will not buy it.

This skirt from H and M is a real example of that because I see potential but eh. The deal on it was great!! I think the skirt was 10 dollars and I only bought it for three!!! Isn’t that crazy??


The little flowers on the skirt make it so adorable and you guys know I am a sucker for anything floral, girly or with flowers. Even though I have been loving just wearing black and white a little color will not hurt anyone.

The shoes if you like them are also giving me an eh feel to them because I seriously just don’t like the flower design on the front. Even though they are really comfortable and stand high at 5 1/2 inches Jeffery Cambell did a pretty good job in that department. The shade of pink is also very cute and wearable with just about everything but the design in the front just set me off.


If you want to buy them I found them here and for the skirt it wasn’t online but I went to my H and M and it was still in there. I would just check out the store because they are having some crazy sales at the moment.



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