On my three week plan for fitness, I mentioned a couple of apps I planned on using on the daily to keep me on track with everything. Most of these are available for both the apple products and android phones!!

Nike Training

I have talked about this app so many times on my blog because It is such a  good one. It is all about exercise with this app and its workouts will leave you surprised at how effective it is. With most you will see results right away. It has everything from weight centered workouts to yoga with warm ups and cool downs included!


This app is the one that only apple users can have because it was engraved in our phone with the ios8 update. Not only does it have all the apps I have listened sync together so there all in one place, but it also tracks your steps. I wouldn’t fully depend on it as a step tracker though, unless your phone is in your pocket for the  majority of the day.


This is the cutest and most efficient app ever because not only does it have a little water bottle that fills when you log in your water but you able to track how much water you want to drink by a certain time

So for example if you want to drink 20 oz of water by 2 pm your able to track that in the app and it will send you a reminder

My fitnesspal

My fitness pal is the most effective calorie counting app  and you have the ability to scan the barcode on the packaging or receipt to track your calories too


Sworkit is another workout app that I plan on using. I found it because a youtuber was sponsored to use it, and even though she had no idea what she was talking about or how to even do some of the workout moves, It did seem like a good app to use.


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