These days there is nothing worse than not having your eye brows on point. I went my whole life with thin hair and even thinner out of place eye brows, my game was so off it was truely embarassing.

So not only did I decided to finally let go of my fears and get my eye brows touched up, but a couple of weeks later I picked up an eye brow pencil from slave to beauty and got to work!

I was always so scared to get my eye brows done because like I said before they were thin and barely noticable so waxing the hair off will make it even worse!! And what would be more horrid if the person doing my brows messed up and took the whole thing off!!

So do you see why I was so scared to jump into it into the first place!! So for months I applied oil to my brows to hopefully make them grow but it only ended up with them getting darker but little improvement is better than nothing!! 

The next thing to do was get them in shape and that turned out to not be as horrible as an experience as I thought! I once watched buzzfeeds video of people getting their eye brows done and from what I remember everyone was in pain so that was the last thing I wanted to do. But I want to settle your thoughts and say that it wasn’t as bad as an experince as you thought. For some reason my eyes started watering but it was not because of pain.

Drawing them in was pretty self explanitory but I always find my self having a heavy hand when filling them in. People fail to keep in mind that the begining of your eye brow hairs are thin and then they start to thickin up so when filling them in be careful with this first step. I simply outlined them really dark and then colored them in going outward with a light, ( but in this pic) heavy hand.

The differance was simply amazing because for the first time in forever!!! I had eye brows ladies and gentlemen. Honestly at first I felt like I reseembled a werewolf but I am slowly starting to get used to them and hopefully my eye brow game will be as strong as Jayde Pierces.




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Beauty By Elyse

I like the dip brow and the powder duo


Amazing tips!!! Gotta have a strong brow game!