I can not seem to drag myself away from this dress. Paired with knee high socks, a scarf, and of course the boots I cannot get enough of the outfit went from summer to winter in a matter of seconds.

Because of the sleeves it was not too cold and of course it matched the whole winter aesthetic look I’m finding myself too be so found of

The last thing anyone wants to do is be dragged out of the warm bed in the morning. Even though winter outfits are to die for and are such cute pictures to post everywhere, is it really worth it leaving your comfortable, warm, oh so soft bed?

That is exactly why I love wearing dresses in the winter, not only because my summer dresses don’t get to collect dust, but because you can easily look stylish and cute just by pairing it with thigh high socks, boots and a scarf!


IMG_0972 IMG_0973

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