Hello Everyone!! I’m sorry I’ve been MIA but with finals, YouTube, my birthday planning  ( which is today) I have been more than busy. But this week I plan on jumping back on my schedule and writing more for you guys!!

I love what I eat in a day blog post and videos because being a major foodie these  little things ( people taking pictures of their food) makes me happy lol.

If it isn’t Cinnamon Toast Crunch, the only cinnamon filled breakfast I love having includes French toast. Even though it isn’t the healthiest thing to have for breakfast it can definatly start your day on the right foot.

I mean come on… It’s French Toast


This is the beginning to the only heathy thing I will eat all day, sadly. But I love fruit and it was nice to have as a little snack, when I continued studying and finishing my study guide.

What’s better than more junk food? A veggie sandwich lol. On my sandwich I included:

And of course I had to eat the rest of my fruit and half some chips on the side 😏😜

One of the things your must learn as a vegetarian is compromise. Expecially if your out with your friends and the menu is mostly meat and just the thought of meat makes you want to hurl. Or maybe if your family is having tacos for dinner and mom just doesn’t understand that you can’t just have one meat filled taco 😕🤐

I hope your liked this post!! Don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram and to stop by tomorrow for another post!!


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