Everday, in my opinion is an opportunity to learn something new. Whether that’s finding new study habits or figuring out this whole time your not supposed to put a fork in the toaster ( no matter how far deep your waffle is in their). Now that Im in high school about to graduate, so many facts about ” life” are being thrown at me and more and more information is being stored in my brain. And its actually valuable!


No matter what you do pre planning is key. This is for both blogging, working, and school work. Nothing can ever go wrong with preplaning a blog post or even starting homework earlier. I used to use the excuse of “whats the rush” when it came to starting things earlier. But then I realized how crazy I sounded. No really, think about it. Why wouldn’t you want to start something earlier so you can do more important things, like… sleeping or eating.

Hobbies. Hobbies. Hobbies

You do not need to be surrounded by your friends twenty-four hours of the day. It is okay if you have different interest. And it is kind of a relief to jump into something like drawing and create a whole different set of friends. Ya know? Or am I just not making any sense?

Ugh! Basically join a hobby because their is nothing wrong with knowing how to do something random like knitting or playing the violin.

Cooking Is A Valuable Tool

I dont understand how over half of my friends don’t know how to cook. Like I seriously don’t understand. Cooking is the first way to get food and everyone likes food. And most people are going to move out of their parents house sooner or later and you can not survive on ramen noodles forever. Im just going to say two words

health pyramid

And last time I checked Ramen noodles is not on their


I have struggled with this for the longest time but honestly, unless you have time and or completely my life goals. Your not going to workout every single day. It’s just not going to work, or at least for me. I know even though I try, some times Im going to work out everyday for a week and a half. Then Im going to have days where I won’t workout until Saturday and I have learned to except that.

The easiest thing that has helped me concerning my diet is knowing balance and to make sure Im getting all necessary fruits and veggies. So even when I don’t want to set my oreos and nutella down..

Im going to have to


Thoughts Are Things

Im taking an investments class and it has to be the best choice I have ever made in my whole entire life. Investments taught me a lot but the most valauble is that thoughts are things. Just because thoughts are things doesn’t mean you don’t have to take action. But then when you put those two together, magic can happen and you can be unstoppable. It won’t take a couple of hours,days, and maybe even months. But when you give 200 percent in what you want to do and you believe both internally and externally that you can do it, the world better watch out.

Question Of The Day

What have you learned in your lifetime that changed you?






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