Everyday there is one thing that is always on my mind that I can’t seem to shake off. Traveling just seems so appealing to me especially since I plan to get my permit and start driving during the summer. Then to top it all off I’m only going to have at the most three classes senior year.

Just exploring the world since I’m finally having the opportunity to makes my adrenaline pump and I get so excited. So here are the four places that I really want to go to this year

Disney Land 

This is so clisha but here’s the thing. I used to go to Disney land every year in middle school because I was in choir and they welcomed my school to perform. It was such a fun time like Disney Land always is and I just want to experience that one more time.

And plus it’s Disney Land who wouldn’t want to go at least once a year. You get to see all the characters you grew up with. The energy is fantastic and the amount of oh so tumblr pictures I can take is ridiculous.

Santa Monica Pier 

Even though I hate beaches, somethings has made me so drawn to them lately. All I want to do all the sudden is play in the sand and lookout for sea shells, it’s really weird

And plus I have yet to go.

Venice Beach

Yes this is another beach and yes this is clisha but here’s the thing. You only live one and what’s the harm of visiting.


Everyone and their mom has been to LACMA and I think it’s my turn. It is grogeous.


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Venice is already on my list! Beautiful place