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Their is so many things to love in life and so little time to explore it. Sun sets, concerts and people, all capture interest. Our world, even though it is slowly coming apart, shows so much beauty that even the grumpiest grinch would smile at it. So many preach to “love life” or”forget and forgive” but the cool thing is… their statement is completely true. Because in a world that is constantly creating, any reason to stop admiring it, is a reason that should be thrown away.

In our life time we only have twenty four hours, sixty seconds to a minute, seven days a week four weeks a month and three hundred and sixty five days in total. Do you really want to spend that time angry that you didn’t get accepted to the college of your dream, your relationship ended, or Starbucks stopped serving your favorite drink?

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

-Jimmy Dean

Crap happens, its life.

So while I stay grounded and unable to hang out with my friends or go to school dances I’ll remember that life goes on,and that theirs too much beauty around me to sit in pity. Sometimes one fails to realize in their darkest times the brightest sun rises tomorrow to make what happened before better. If it wasn’t for me constantly staying grounded and not going anywhere this blog would have never happened.

The whole thing of photography, film and writing would have never sparked in my mind. Non of these fantastic hobbies would have been on my to do list to be nothing but great at.


My favorite things in life are:


Car Rides

Healthy Good Food




What are yours?




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