I am a very big fan of Michael Khors!! There have been so many occurrences where I am in Nordstroms and Im looking at an iteam of clothing and guess what? Everytime it is Michael Khors!!

Even my first designer purse was Michael Khors!! So without further ado I am going to review the Michael Khors Flats I received.

Now, the one problem I always hear people have with designer shoes is the fact that they either fit for people with more narrow feet, and that the bottom of the show wears off so fast. And I would like to say that people with narrow feet this is the shoe for you but I cannot speak for people with wider feet. My problem with most shoes is how much space I have on the sides because my feet are so narrow, but these fit me just right.

Now the bottom of the shoe after five wears two out of the five I was walking around for multiple hours the bottom of the shoe is still in tack and clearly print MK on the bottom which was something I was so happy to find out after wearing them that much!

Also I would like to say that the Michael Khors print on the inside of the shoes is still present as well. This one I usually have problems with in shoes like my Steve Madden ones that wore off in a month.

I personally love the stitching and color choices on the shoes! They are so pretty and go perfect with each other creating a classy blend. Overall I will give these shoes a 8 out of ten to sympathize the people in the world that don’t have such narrow feet like I do. Personally speaking I don’t think these shoes will be comfortable for people in that category!!

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And do you love Michael Khors? Whats your favorite article of clothing by this desighner?

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