Hey guys!! So for today’s ootd it is a sneak peak of my upcoming post How I Style Flannels, but this outfit was just way to cute for me to not give you guys the full details about where I got it and close up views! 

So this dress is a type of t shirt dress from the one and only forever 21 and I love it so much because you can mix it and style t however you want. This can go from causal paired with a flannel like I did here or you can pair it with a leather jacket and some strapped up heels and your good to go for a night out

For this look I decided to wear my hair up so you can see the full detail of the names on the shoulder and chest area. 

Overall this dress is so cute the way I paired it and many other ways!! 


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[…] Honestly flannels are so cute with t shirt dresses and they honestly piece the dress together. With dresses your limited and that can be a good or bad thing, depending how you see it. But if your ever bored just throw a flannel around your waist and voila, good and ready to go. You can see the full outfit details in this post here. […]