Lately there has been one thing that I love more than chocolate chip cookies and that has been tofo, yes ladies and gentlemen. Tofo

Now some people diss tofo because the had it once and hated it or they don’t like what they have heard. And you know what I say, the oh so famous ” don’t knock it until you make it your self” oh no one says that…. okay

I honestly felt the same about too because I ate it in soup and dismissed the taste. But now I realized that it was because someone did not make it correctly. Now Lets jump right into this recipe.

Extra Firm Tofo

Chopped onion

Taco Seasoning ( any packet or type of your choice

olive oil

Any Seasoning of your choice but I chose ( chili powder, pepper, seasoning salt and lots of  Tajin)

  1. first you have to drain your too and lay many paper towles on the bottom and top of the too as you set it on a plate. I would recommend laying something as heavy as a bowel or plate on top of the tofo for an hour thirty minutes at the minimum this is an important step
  2. Then once your tofo is done draining gather a pan and pour enough olive oil to coat the bottom of it. While that is heating up chop your onion
  3. pour ion both your too and onion along with all of your seasoning and stir
  4. Let everything cook on medium heat with cover on top, for ten minutes or until onion change color


I hope you guys liked this recipe and actually give too a chance!! See you guys tomorrow!!

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Will have to try this. I agree, the one time I had tofu I don’t think it was made well, but I’ll have to this out 🙂 Can you get tofu at any supermarket basically?