This picture brings me back to this day in two point five seconds because it was the first time as a teenager where I was doing something stupid and wild with my friends like going to the beach, making a mini music video and overall enjoying the fact that we were care free with a  beautiful view in front of us.

Honestly my love for road trips and San Diego started with this picture because their is beauty in everything and the way the sun was setting had me in awe for the longest time, and honestly the picture doesn’t even do it justice. Hopefully soon while I still have no real responsibilities I can capture another beautiful moment like this.

Honestly this whole post could have been perfectly fine without this photo but I seriously think it is so tumblr and truly shows my love for my favorite food, doughnuts because my camera roll had about 50 pictures of that same doughnut but with different angles and filters, and I know I can’t be the only one who does this.


And of course this has to be my favorite picture because when it was raining cats and dogs and was so cold not even the long sleeves and boots with knee high socks I was wearing with this sweater can shield me from the cold.

This is my dream car either this jeep or a G Class Mercedes. Thats a expensive car so I will be saving up for a while.

And this is a beautiful model from the Phame Expo and she was actually painted form head to toe it was amazing. Then a pretty good mini promotion on the company side. They used their makeup remover to remove all the paint and makeup off of her and seeing that honestly made me want too buy the product.



And of course I had to take yet another photo that can only capture half of the beauty that took place this night in the sky.

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