I honestly never thought I would make a makeup look like this but it all just free flowed and before I knew it that is what this look can be labeled as. It features so many of my favorite colors making me so happy that they finally all blended together. The more I look at it, I can actually see how it can be the perfect look for the summer but also could be saved for a day in the fall because of all of the earth tones used. Either way this is defiantly in the top ten.

The first thing I did was my foundation routine which includes, bb creame, morphie concealer, gerald cosmetics highlight in the color Lucy, city collection contour crayon and finally the  060w warm tone pallet from morphie. If you guys want to see a foundation routine I will gladly do it!

Then after all of that was done I moved onto my favorite part which was the eye brows of course and I used my Danielle Creations angle brush and the LA Girl eye brow kit, which I defiantly recommend!

Now onto the eyes. This look is the definition of earth tones and is something one can wear both at night and during the day because both times completely show off the pigmentation the 35F gives. I first started with a brown eye shadow on my crease which for some is a no no but honestly, I paid no attention to the ” makeup rules” when I was creating this look. Then I went in with the second color in the v of my eye at the very end to create a smokey eye effect like I did in this eye look . And the final step was to dab the golden shadow in the middle which did not require to be wet before applying but one can of course do that if desired. And of course at the end I made sure to blend, making sure all of the colors flowed beautifully together.

Even though I tried I couldn’t stay away with toping this look of with a pair of falsies of course and a thin but long winged eye liner (something I like to think is my signature look). The lashes I used are from Adelle and you can pick them up at morphie and even any drug store.

Oh! Before I forget, I used my new Anastasia Beverly Hills matte lipgloss, that I will have a review up and ready for, for you guys tomorrow! This lipgloss completely pulled this look together and honestly made it ten times better. Oh the power of makeup!

And with a spray of any setting spray this look is completely done!


Let me know what you guys think of this look and don’t forget to follow my Instagram! If you leave a heart on any of my photos I will follow you back and use the hashtag #StylishRanter to have your outfit of the day or makeup look featured!




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That lip colour is gorgeous!! Suits you so well <333 xx


Looks really nice!!