Hello Guys! Todays post is a collaboration with Anna from Five Foot and Fabulous an amazing blogger that is full with personality and I love her style and her personal lifestyle post! It is so cool that I am collaborating with her because when I fist started blogging she was one of the first people I followed.

Accessories are defiantly one of the small details that can make an outfit go from zero to a million. And the good thing about it is that you can decide to invest in jewelry and keep it for years or you can go to a place like Forever 21, H and M or Fashion Nova and spend five dollars on a set of rings or a cute layered necklace. And for someone who mostly wears solid colors like black on black or white on white a simple gold or silver accessory can be major key.

And  because Anna and I both agree with this, don’t forget to check out her post here after you read this and if you’re coming from Anna’s blog, HEEELLLOOO!


The first piece I love to wear, not only when I just get my nails done, but anytime I have the craving to brighten my outfit but don’t want to ruin it with a necklace or anything. There are so many places to get affordable rings like Fashion Nova and Forever 21 for under 10 dollars.


These rings are hands down my favorite but I really want to expand my collection to the point where I have way too many lol mainly because I want to experiment with layering them also!


No one can ever go wrong with necklaces, especially statement necklaces because they make everything pop and can seriously stand on their own and they draw attention to your user chest area and that is good for people who have so much room between their collar-bone and chest like me. With the new trend of halter tops necklaces, especially the short ones look really good with them too.


And of course we can’t forget about how you can match your necklace with any other pop color in your outfit that you really love.


I honestly used to hate wearing ear rings because my mom used to push me wearing them everyday. So naturally because I was forced to do it I didn’t want to wear it. But as the days and years went by I became low-key obsessed with them because of all the dark colors I wear they seriously brighten up my whole face, and weirdly adds a softness to it?! I don’t know you just seriously have to wear earrings to see what I am talking about .


Also I seriously love ear rings because I hate wearing my hair up but once I slap on some ear rings it makes it ten times better.

Belts, Hats and …. Makeup?

Some may not classify Makeup as an accessories but honestly I defiantly count it because they add to your outfit, especially lipstick! Then I have a very tumblr black hat and I just put that on any time I want to make my outfit have a hipster feel or when I have a bad hair day of course lol. And when you want to dress up an outfit and or make a dress look not as flowly, a dress is defiantly key

Thats all I have for you guys but I really hope you liked this post and dont forget to check out Anna’s post!!!













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Ah, you’re so sweet! It was great doing this collab with you, girl 🙂
-Anna | http://www.fivefootandfabulous.com