Recently I paid a visit to Morphie and to say it changed my life for the better is honestly not over exaggerating! I picked up the esstesnisal that I needed to save my life and a couple of cosmetics to add to my ever growing collection of makeup!

Brush Container


This to some might be the most random thing one can ever get from the store but I despise having my brushes tucked away and would much rather have them displayed on my desk with all of its glory lol. And even thought it is supposed to be closed and possible used as a travel case, I will definitely use both sides to hold my brushes!




The two brushes I bought were the G14 and G17 brushes I seriously needed more brushes I can use for my eyeshadow because that is my main focus and only step in makeup I am trying to perfect. With these brushes they help me with just that, especially the G14 because it always to seriously pack on the shadow!


Lip Glosses and Lipsticks


The lipsticks I bought I am completely obsessed with and that is the doll face lipgloss by L.A. colors and black lipstick in the color Dreamer by L.A. Girl. Both lipsticks are gorgeous and the only color I am actually worried about is Dreamer because it seemed too sheer when I applied it on my hand which is a big problem when it comes to most black lipsticks. But of course I have reviews for both products that you can check out ( doll face) (dreamer)


Makeup Remover 

This is something that is low-key very random but suprisinglsy I didn’t have makeup remover to clean my brushes and I love this one because I’m left with clean as new brushes in under twenty minutes because you just spray this on your brushes and rinse them and they are clean


Eye Shadow


And because I just don’t know when to stop when it comes to eye shadow and I feel the need to grab everyone in my site, I picked up this eye shadow from mac which is the prettiest glittery pink shade that I will for sure do a makeup look with soon.




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I have yet to order anything from Morphe! What would you recommend as a good first purchase as far as brushes?