Hello Everyone! So for todays post I have two very cute and decorative for the Fourth of July! The first outfit is very cheap and cute for anyone that will be spending our countries holiday with a loved one and the other outfit is for anyone spending it with family or friends like I did!

Date Night

So for this outfit I kept in mind the people who aren’t lonely like myself and who will be spending this day with there boo watching the fireworks! The dress is from Old Navy and the jean jacket is from Forever 21 but I honestly don’t recommend it because it is pretty uncomfortable, then for the shoes even though I didn’t show them or just regular white converse because I have this mini tradition to wear them every fourth of the July.



Family Friendly

Lastly this outfit is exactly the title, but also very cute. I personally felt like I had to add the scarf because even though its summer suddenly it can be pretty chilly at night!




Shirt- H&M

Jeans- Fashion Nova

Shoes – Converse










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