Honestly coming from not only a fashion blogger but from someone who wants to be a Fashion Designer I find it a tiny bit weird that I dont really pay attention to fashion shows and designers that much. But one day my friend introduced me to Zuhir Murad and it was honestly love at first sight. I fell for this designer faster than I fell in love with Nutella, faster than the time it takes me to eat a case of oreos and honestly faster than I run after an Ice creame truck… which is sadly really fast. 

But anyway, my love for Zuhair Murad grew very fast because it most of the looks I have seen him make incorporate floral a lot and you guys know how much I love floral, they are looked in all of my outfit blog post. The different textures he applies to his dresses also amazes me and I love how he really expands his designees but keeps them with the same base of the flowers.

The first dress you guys have actually seen before in one of my inspiration boards and its actually from the Zuhair Murad Fall/Winter 2016 collection and detail on the dress gives me life! All of my pictures are from tumblr by the way.


And another one that I really like is ” Cindy Bruna @ Zuhair Murad Haute Couture F/W 2016″ and this one was interesting to me because it was one of the first dresses of his that I saw that wasn’t in a light color scheme if that makes any sense. Do you guys see what I mean when I say he stays with the floral theme but still branches out with his style! And the cross body style in the front is something that I sincerely love and actually want to incorporate in my style.


The we have the ” Zuhair Murad FW 2015 Haute Couture star gown” that incorporates stars of course and I think he did a wonderful job with this one! Honestly it makes me want to just go outside at night with a blanket beneath me and look at the stars. But then I remember California has the most smog possible and I would have better luck shutting off all my lights and watching some type of star gaze youtube channel or something.



Okay and the very last one I have would defiantly be something I would wear to the grammys if I had millions of dollars and was actually invited. Zuhair Murad Fall 2016-17.




Okay guys so I really hope you liked this post and your love for Zuhair has developed as strong and fast as mine has because he is an amazing designer! All credit of course goes to the photographer/desighner and I take no credit what so ever. You guys can follow my tumblr here and please follow my instagram too!



















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Literally one of my favourites! I first saw designs on Tumblr and have been obsessed ever since


I love Zuhair Murad, too! You picked some great dresses to feature in your post!