So….. yesterday I spent the most money on three products and to be honest I kind of regret it. In my town there are these clothing shops that I always see, and yesterday when I was an hour early for dance practice I decided to waste time by visiting these shops really fast, and boy was that a mistake. I sadly won’t be sharing the names of the shops because they are small business in my town and I just really don’t feel comfortable sharing. But even though the stores were very over priced I will admit that everything seems like very good quality and I can definitely see these items become something that I become obsessed with.



So the first item I bought was this dress, it caught my eye because of the color and I knew it would compliment my skin tone beautifully and that made me really excited. Its beautiful royal blue color was perfect for the remaining summer and the tie in the back sincerely drew me in. The dress is actually very soft and loose-fitting but I sincerely don’t think it was worth 35 dollars in my opinion, but for some odd reason I took it upon myself to buy it anyway.




Then we have the scarf that was 20 dollars and the lady insisted that it was such a good deal if we like Burberry……. The scarf is very soft and I love the colors, so you will defiantly see this in so many of my post when it starts getting colder. And the fringe detail on the end that most scarves have I weirdly love? It’s actually pretty long and I was actually very surprised and excited because that means I have so many options and styles to do with this scarf!! And is it just me or does this strongly remind people of the color scheme going on in the party in the USA music video? It’s still cute though don’t get me wrong lol.


And lastly the only thing that wasn’t overpriced in this whole haul post are these really cute rings that I have been looking for, for…? the longest time. I defiantly know that these two will be added to the list of something I will wear a lot, and that is the ribbon and ring one because I like my accessories to be over the top girly, also because it is just the band of the ring and the accessory connected on the top the ring isn’t that heavy, if you know what I mean. I don’t know if I am explaining it correctly but sometimes rings can literally feel light weight and that’s exactly how these rings feel, and their gold so….. I am going to be completely attached to these rings…



I seriously hope you guys liked this post and please pray for my wallet and I because we are completely in mourning from our loss. But even though I did over pay for these things I will say that I do not regret picking up these iteams.

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