Between all of the summer inspired post and back to school post I had to take this time to say sorry lol, but here we go. Between my shoes, outfits and accessories, my nails are another thing that I take overa’ll a little bit too serious during this season. So with every opportunity that I have, precisely every two-weeks, I like to experience different colors that will be perfect for the summer time and I think I found them!

The first color that I love not only for the summer but year round is of course, white! I always keep in mind with whatever color I pick with nails to be flexible enough so it won’t clash with my outfits and this color does just that. But I completely understand why some people dont like this color because of easily staining but I will have a blog post about that very soon for you guys. If you want to wear super bright colors it fits and of course with neutral or all black colors the white won’t ruin anything. And plus it is the ultimate color that represent summer!

Another color that I really love and I actually have now is a really nice peachy pink color. I feel like pink is way too much of a typical summer color and it doesn’t always go with everything but this color truly does, and it gives you this nice in between to switch up things. This color pretty much can classify as a nude and it defiantly complements your hands which is major key in picking any type of nail color. With the right nail color it can really make your hands pop and somehow glow which is really weird but once you find the right nail color you’ll know exactly what I am talking about.

Lastly we have the beloved purple which is pretty crazy because it doesn’t really go with everything in my closet, which completely contradicts what I was saying but whatever. But it is such a beautiful color and in my opinion is completely under rated.

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