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Their is nothing more devastating then going to school in an outfit that you feel your best in only to have to change because of the school dress code. But with this outfit and the layering I feel like it is the perfect outfit to avoid being dress coded. If needed you can defiantly dress this up with a longer cardigan and applying a brown belt to your wait to cover the small mid drift.

This look is ultimately my favorite because it to me seems so girly and urban! I haven’t worn something that fits this style in so long because it’s easier to match darker colors but I defiantly want to incorporate brighter ones into my looks. It’s so funny because I bought this skirt so long ago and honestly regretted it because I didn’t know how I can style it without I being over ally girly but I think I did a decent job!

The skirt is from h & m while the top is from my store! These two go so nicely because the white shirt dilutes the bright colors in the skirt but no so much it has a reverse effect of making it pop out more if that makes any sense. And just in case it doesn’t just imagine if I wore this with a black shirt instead. Then for the cardigan I cannot remember for the life of me where I bought it and that kind of worries me because I know I recently purchased it. Does this happen to anyone else lol?

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If I can make one change to this outfit it would defiantly be switch out the converse with some brown strap up sandals. But I don’t have anyone so I couldn’t make that change :(. I feel like that would be really cute and would also have the effect the shirt has with the whole duloting but also adding to the style and color/ something new to the look! But without the sandals this outfit is defiantly school friendly because it doesn’t show too much skin but then the skirt is also long enough to pass the thumb rule. And speaking of school dress code, I find it so crazy that the rules are so extreme! Literally at my school all you have to do is not show up in a bikini and even then you’ll get a slap on the wrist and be able to go about your day! All of these rules about what you can and can’t wear are ridiculous and is defiantly distracting from the real problem at hand which is the weird teachers and students that look at someone in that type of way!

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Honestly I change needs to happen and let me know if your school has a dress code and if not do you like this outfit and would wear it on the first day? I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow!

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