As much as I always say I hate La, I also love it. And that is okay because I am able to have a love hate relationship with the place I have grown up in. And of course people hate it because there are so many people who give others a false reality of what they want in the relationship whether its romantic or friendly but still. With all that aside I still seriously love LA. Without further a do here is the 5 Reasons Why I Love Living In Los Angeles!

Why I Love LA 1

  1. Business

The first reason is surprisingly not the weather but the business. I personally want to work in the fashion business very soon and with finding manufactures, different types of fabric etc LA couldn’t be better! The only place that is better than Los Angeles is New York because in these two major cities the fashion district is the number one thing it is known for.

And other than the materials network for the field that I want to grow in is defiantly really easy because so many people are also in my place. But because reasons listed in the beginning it can be pretty hard because of the entities of other people.

Why I Love LA 2

2. How Much You Learn

This one is down right my favorite reason why I love LA so much because your constantly learning. One constantly learns through other people, and through the choices living here gives you. Thought the untrustworthy way of some of the citizens here I know that not everyone has the best intentions and gratefully I didn’t learn the in such a harsh way. Then because some people are young entrepreneurs surrounded by so much opportunity, most adults actually give us more of a chance than I feel other   minors in other states.

3.    People Don’t Look At You Weird

Okay well not always. Being a Blogger and Vlogger their are multiple times where I am sipping out my camera and talking to it or instructing people what angle I want them to go at. I find this pretty funny because either people will look at you and they’ll be like oh she’s probably a blogger or doing something for their instagram. And sadly I sometimes forget this because regardless it is still really awkward because of the few that are not afraid to just stand their and stare.


Knowing This Would you move to LA?

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