Nike free runs are a pair of shoes I honestly wanted to incorporate into my wardrobe for a very long time. I see them all over Instagram and bloggers outfits and post and I honestly fell in love with them. But just because they are trendy doesn’t mean they are always worth the hype? And I don’t want to be some type of hype beast that jumps on each and every trend. So after doing my research and finding out that they were only 90 dollars ( and possibly less) I defiantly had to cop a pair.

After only having them for about 3 days I can come to tell you that they are defiantly worth the hype. Whether your going for a minimalist style, or your into bright colors but need something to tone down your outfits, defiantly pick these up. They are crazy comfortable and chic, while also managing to go with every outfit. If you are a fan of the whole dresses and tennis shoes trend defiantly pick these up. After only five minutes of wearing them you realize that these are seriously crazy light weight and make you feel like you can do anything. I would honestly like to go on a really long run in these because they are so comfortable and bouncy.


But of course like always there are some cons. The shoes can get ridiculously dirty pretty fast, and that’s only because I bought the all white ones. The soles are easy to clean but the mesh is a whole nother story. saying this I defiantly recommend investing in some heavy-duty shoe cleaner. Also something that doesn’t necessarily bother me to much but can be really annoying is you can see your feet moving around a lot. Honestly its really funny kind of but can be really creepy and weird the other times.

Do you have Nike free runs? Would you buy them?

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