Honestly how many times will I have a blog post this month labeled, back to school clothing haul? And for that I am sorry but I really wanted to show you guys this video! Recently I went back to school shopping and of course I had to go to my favorite store Forever 21! I picked up so many things and actually stuck with my goal which is to stick with minimalist colors that was really nice! This store has so many things such as the denies button up shirts, bombers and even choker that I absolutely adore so freaking much, and wanted to buy sense for ever.

This clothing haul, by far has to be the best clothing haul I have ever done because, one I took advantage of all the sales going on. And two I ACTUALLY STUCK WITH MY COLOR SCHEME!!

But in other words if you are subscribed to my YouTube channel thank you so much! Hopefully you and 99 people helped me reach my long time goal of 100 subscribers and I am beyond happy! If you are apart of this thank you so much, and if you aren’t you should really check out my YouTube channel! Just like here on StylishRanter on my channel I post a lookbooks every week, along with makeup tutorials! So if you want to see more of my content defiantly subscribe because I upload every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

So now that the promo is over, I seriously hope you guys like this post and if you did please tell me in the comments! Once again if you are subscribed to this channel thank you so much I greatly appreciate it you guys have no idea!

Are you subscribed to my YouTube channel? And where is your favorite place to shop for the school year?

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