There are multiple times where I don’t feel like dressing up and I know I have shared my tips for what to do if you guys are feeling this way, accessories . Most of my outfits go to waste at school because I am trying to win best dressed so there is no time for slacking. So any time when I don’t have time, or I am just not feeling it, this is  what I do, but  you guys can check out these post if you want to know more.

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So of course if you take away the brown belt and the kimono you have a regular outfit with just a white tank and black jeans. And weirdly enough that the beauty of it. Dressing up and making an outfit is so easy and I really hope people realize this! It’s so easy to dress up and down because these things called accessories. There is literally no reason to want to dress cute and comfy at the same time and thinking you cannot do both. Necklaces are comfortable, at least to me and so are brackets and of course rings.


So I defiantly recommend investing in them. One can even buy costume jewelry in literally every clothing store. But seriously they defiantly make or break an outfit so you should defiantly go and get some. Personally for the fall I love belts and cute sweaters and don’t forget the scarfs! So important!!


My crop top is in my store that I am giving you guys a discount if you use the code ” accessories ”  and the top will be 5 dollars! and then my amino is from Forever 21 that I could not find for you guys because I bought it so long ago but I found one similar  for you here 

I hope you guys liked this post and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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