It is literally the start, in five minutes the middle of November and I am just now showing you guys my Halloween costume which I think is pretty good considering it was last minute ( of course)  and I had no idea what to be until I saw a makeup tutorial. I am literally taking the term “it is never too late” a little bit too literal lol. This whole outfit is complete diy and anyone can do it, next Halloween though lol because now is a little bit to late, don’t you think?


Well for starters here is the makeup tutorial that I did my look on and if I regret anything it will defiantly be the fact that the white eye shadow or color to use when doing this must not be a shimmer shadow. The shimmer shadow was not as vibrant as the other colors and defiantly to brighten up the “highlights” in the face mix a concelar ( which should be lighter than your foundation, and an even lighter conclar or shadow to make the mix a little bit more obvious. Over exaggerating the colors will literally do no harm because with this diy costume it can be a little bit hard to see what someone is.


Then for the outfit next time I would wear some thigh high boots and maybe the dress I wore in this post. Only because I feel like it was better than black lol. And if a black dress is the only option just buy the ears and maybe some gloves. But still keep the boots, it will just make the look ten times prettier honestly


Lastly for the hair, defiantly curl it and find a gold hair band to add the the gentle scene deers/bambi gives off. To go the extra mile use a gold glitter because that will be really pretty too. And if all fails just do two little braids and bobby pin them back so that way your curls still show and it still gives off that ” angelic” effect.

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