Hey Guys! The past few months on stylish ranter has been really shaky especially with posting, and the quality of content. So what is best way to fall back in love with my blog other than to post everyday for a month. December is my favorite month ever because of the overall vibe of geriousity and hope it gives to people and because of all the inspiration and cute outfits that can come from it! Literally every single year I get more and more inspired of my surroundings and the whole Christmas era this month has.

What To Expect.

Now every season I try to have this series called * enter season here* Essentials where I talk about really cute trends this season has to offer and how to style and buy them. So of course expect to hear what those are once a week this month. These will be uploaded every Wednesday, because you know Winter Esstensials… Wednesday. Hopefully you get it. And no it won’t be the basics like scarfs and boots. Only because I did that last year….

Then I will have something that is kind of the same which is Makeup Hacks I love because I love makeup as you guys know from any of my last makeup post. But their are some hacks I know I didnt know anything about last year when I first started and of course till this day.

Overall hopefully you guys are really excited to see everyday post!!!



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