You guys know how much I love my floral print in the winter. It only seems right with all of the frosted flowers we never see in Cali but always find a way to be in our stores, and the roses that flood the Christmas decorations in my household at least. And besides I wear floral print throughout the whole year and I am not going to stop because the temperature dropped a couple of numbers. Even though this outfit isn’t the most winter thing out their it is still cute enough for when it warms up.

This outfit is super cute and perfect for whenever it gets warmer this month. And you can actually buy it on! I don’t think I have ever even talked about unitiques but it is basically a Postmark but for college students and it is ten times safer. And plus I  have an internship they’re so all the clothes that are on StylishRanter will be sold their. Lets be honest, once I wear it in public three times and post it all over the internet I am kind of over it. And if you’re the same as I am don’t be afraid to sign up and email me if you need any help!

I decided that I should at least layer up a little bit so I placed this really cute and simple jean jacket on my shoulders and it complemented the outfit so well!. I kind of think it looked better with it!

I’ll see you guys tomorrow and don’t forget if you want this dress get it on unitiques and check out the site to buy my looks! See you guys tomorrow!

What floral piece do you love wearing during the winter? And dont forget to follow StylishRanter on Instagram!


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