Todays ootd features an article of clothing that I am a little bit to obsessed with but its way to cold to be wearing. I recently took  a trip to boohoo online and I was in awe with the amazing sales they were having. But sadly I dont think the same sale is still in place. But i would defiantly recommend checking them out since they always have crazy things like the whole store 50 percent off. For example I think I bought this dress for four dollars when in reality its original price was ten. Don’t quote me but it was something crazy like that.


I love this dress because its a nude color something that I really wanted to keep adding to my closet and it reminds me a lot of this outfit that I wore the other week. And we all know how much I love that dress as well. And because their so similar I kind of styled them the same. Either was it is still cute af and differently something I would risk getting sick for. And honestly nude is a color that is defiantly under rated for the winter time. Its such a humble color and goes with everything especially red and green the “typical” christmas/winter colors.


The shoulders on the dress give me life because of the off the shoulder style and the material is so soft making me want to pick it up every chance I get. But like I said I can only bear to wear this when it is at least 70 degrees outside because its always humid in Cali so that is passible weather.

Ill see you guys next time, and dont forget to keep up with vlogmas/blogmas!


QOTD: whats your favorite color to wear during this time? And do you shop BooHoo?

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