I honestly feel like grunge outfits are so perfect especially for the winter. It fits the days that are not decked out with christmas and the feel of the weather (foggy, rainy, and honestly sometimes dull). And it honestly is perfect for this season because so many of the winter essentials have to do with grunge so how can it not fit. So weather plus fitting winter essentials, I completely love winter if you couldn’t guess.Also the earth tone colors fit with the grunge still which is really cool, but enough about that lets hop into the outfit details.

So lets start with the accessories. The necklace which is a choker that I am completely obsessed with it is from Unitiques which is basically like a postmark but for college students, but its ten times safer and better. And of course since Im suddenly obsessed with earring regardless of the size I decided to pop in my small stud diamonds from forever 21. I honestly feel like they just make such the difference especially when it comes to brightening your face and adding  a little something to your outfit, especially in the winter.


Then for the flannel which I feel like a complete staple to your closet regardless of what season it is because it goes with anything and can do anything. For example this time I wore it for warmth and to add more grey to the outfit other than the necklace that I am wearing! The flannel is also from Unitiques but the dress is from boohoo. IMG_3862

Even though this isn’t the warmest dress out their for this season it is defiantly still my winter little black dress. Its fitting and plain meaning I can easily dress it up and down which is a major key. And with thigh high boots being the go to of course I would pick this dress because it would go perfect with them.

What are your thoughts? And what style is your little black dress for the winter?

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