If one were to do a word count to figure out how many times I said the word thigh high boots during this season and fall I guarantee it would be over one hundred times. They honestly just make an outfit ten times better with minimal effort. Even though they are semi hard to find they are super cute and defiantly a winter essential. Whether you wear them with long sweaters, jeans and a long sleeve shirt anything they are super-duper cute! I literally cannot stop saying that so sorry lol.

My favorite looks that I have worn thigh high boots with would defiantly be this post and this post. Anyone can agree that the look would not be the same without the shoes and or thigh high socks. Just thigh high socks with knee boots or over the knee boots can have the same effect and make look, extra cute and stylish. Thais actually what I do a majority of the time because the only thigh high boots I have are my Jessica Simpson boots and even though I love them to death they are defiantly ones that will not be worn every single day. Mostly because I don’t want to ruin them and they are a little bit too thick on the leg part if I am honest

Overall I think they are defiantly a winter essential because of their chic style and plus. They are honestly just hard to find but mine are from Jessica Simpson, Burlington, and there are some cute ones I  found on twitter from Acacia Lily. I never visited their site before other than to find the cost of the boots so if you want to pay 60 dollars than be my guest! Regardless of where you get them there a catch, besides when has someone ever complained about being cold in a pair of thigh highs?

QOTD: Whats your opinion on thigh high boots? And where did you get your favorite pair?

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