Hey guys! as some of you guys know I literally go against all the rules the traditional winter/fall seasons have, wether that be clothing, or even traditions. Mostly because I don’t let that stuff stop me for doing something. And plus I am in California the coldest the weather has ever been is 60 degrees and it’s mostly really humid in my opinion at least. But anyway recently I went on a ┬ároad trip to CPH and if you don’t know what CPH is it literally stands for Pacific Coast Highway. Basically the area in Cali that has all of the beaches, piers and other really cool beach vibes. And the crazy thing about it was I did this all in a span of eight hours which is crazy because CPH is humungous.

Santa Monica

Surprisingly the first time since I can remember I of when I went to the beach was when I was around 5 or 6 and I literally hated it. But then as you can guess from this post it was so much fun and I became low-key obsessed with it. And going on at the beach was soldier suicide awareness which I personally loved because that is literally the perfect place to make so many people aware of that issue. It’s beyond crowded most of the time and it defiantly catches peoples attention right away especially since it took place at a pretty wide part of the beach.

Even though it was extremely gloomy this location was so much fun too shoot mainly because of the imitated cemetery on the beach. It just really opened my eyes and made em love Santa Monica even more because that was such a creative and effective way to raise awareness and the best place to do it as well.



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