Christmas is literally around the corner (8 days away).And if your like me last minute christmas shopping is nothing new. And if your also like me you don’t want to spend that much money on literally anything because you are broke and the only thing you have in your wallet is dust bunnies and penny because same. So here is a list of gifts for for girls that are into fashion and beauty products and of course shoes because who would not want shoes for christmas, its the easiest and smallest gift for someone that they will really appreciate. And as a little disclaimer the products that don’t have a star on them are products that I never tried but I seriously want/ products everyone raves about.


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Morphs 35 f fall Into Frost pallet 22.29 *

          I am absolutely obsessed with this pallet ever since I bought it! You can do so many looks with this pallet so thats why I recommend it. It was actually my first pallet so its good for beginners so hopefully your special someone can appreciate this pallet!

Anastasia Mini Lip Gloss Set (Fall) $28

Anastasia Mini Lip Gloss Set

          The colors in this set are beyond beautiful and will actually go with the above pallet so hopefully I can get this set. They aren’t matte so thats the only downfall of them but they are gorgeous colors and remind me a lot of the matte set Anastasia has!

LA Girl Eye Brow Kit 10.00 *

Inspiring Eye Brow Kit

          This is legit the only eye brow kit I have worn for months and that kind of scares me because I am hitting pan and no one has time for that. Its easy to use but I will admit that its easy to have a heavy hand with the powder so be careful!

Any Brush From The Gun Metal Set by Morphe 5.99 – 10.00 *

Morphe Gun Metal Set

         These are the brushes that I use a lot as well.

Ayesha Face Mask ( Lush) 9.95

Ayesha Face Mask

           Refreshes tired looking skin. It draw my attention because it said that it tightens your skin and ain’t no body got time for premature wrinkles.

Tease Fragrance Mist By Victoria Secret 25.00

Tease Perfume By Victoria Secret.png

Literally the best smelling perfume but its a little bit mature so I wouldn’t buy it for anyone under 16. And their is a buy two get two free sale going on so get it while you can!

Black Bomber Jacket From Fashion Nova 27.99

Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 4.17.17 PM.png

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