Its about time of the year again where people start writing goals for the year. Some may include losing weight and climbing up a financial ladder. All of these are great and wonderful goals that takes as much as a year to reach, but are you really going to reach them?

Writing is key

Along with writing an endless list of goals to accomplished this year the very first step is defiantly write down how your going to reach them and an exact date and time stone to be done with the goal. 

For example

If your goal is to lose 60 pounds, it would be smart to first right down to be negative 10 pounds on January 31st, precisely 7am because one should always weigh themselves in the morning since nothing is in your belly and thats the lightest you’ll be.

Then say your going to reach those goals by drinking half of your body weight in ounces, using these apps to help you lose weight and of course checking out my other fitness blog post

This not only sets a reality for your goal but help you with another step were going to talk about next which is…..

Being Realistic

Which is the main reason why most people dont reach their New Years Goals, it’s not only because of the lack of ambition but because their not being realistic with themselves. Your literally setting yourself up for failure if you want to start something and set a goal that takes more than a year to reach.

Im not saying dont reach for the stars but attempting something that literally takes four years in one year can statistically put bad vibes on other goals.

Seeing is Believing

Tell everyone about your goals! That way your friends won’t stop bothering you about the goals you sniff you were going to reach this year and hopefully the competitive side will get the best of you. Another trick that defiantly helped was making a mood board!

All of these have defiantly helped me a lot! And lucky for me I have a blog and readers that hold me to reach my goals every month and year thats why I love making the monthly goals/new years resolution post! I wish you the best with your goals!



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