Awe yes it is officially March 2017! Where has the time gone? Honestly where has the time gone it seriously feels like the end of January, or is it just me? But I cannot wait for the spring weather since it has been feeling awfully wintery the past two months which is rare for California honestly, but never the less I’ll bare with it. And to distract myself from the whether I focus on what? Goals


Update Three Times A Week (Monday Wednesday and Friday)

This one shouldn’t be hard seeing that I already have all of this months post scheduled out and ready to go! So now I need to work on April which would be pretty hard but since I managed to do it this month, another one won’t hurt right? I guess we will see lol

Work On Stock Photos

If you don’t read my Dear Raven series then you probably wouldn’t know that my camera has officially gone missing, how I have no idea but hopefully I can find the little guy soon. That being said I am blogging straight from my iPhone 6 that is not only managing my social and school work but not my blogging lifestyle. So this will be fun


Reach 200 Subbies on Youtube and on WordPress

As of when I am writing this post I have 180 ranters on WordPress and 140 on YouTube. Although I am so happy with my numbers improvement wouldn’t hurt at all honestly. So I plan to do this by keeping my three times a week schedule here and my once a week schedule their as well as so many reaction videos, so go and subscribe!

Get into college

I have been waiting to have my final college meeting literally for a month now and this month it will finally happen! I have come such a long way so me getting into FIDM will make my heart literally stop, so hopefully it will happen!

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