Bomber jackets have been all the rave carrying on two years now. Celebrities that have major influences on fashion like the Kardashians and bloggers such as Sherlin Anym wear them with almost every single outfit. There is no question as to way seeing that the simple coat can add a certain look that many people can strive for, and it also adds a certain old flare from past fashion trends.

Bomber jackets can run very expensive, though, but mine was bought at Charlotte Russe for only twenty dollars and I get so many compliments on it. The quality of the jacket is perfect as well seeing that a rip has yet dared to come across the jacket.


When it comes to styling, this bomber jacket is the first thing I grab when I feel as if my outfit needs a pop of color or I want to have the so-called ” Instagram baddie” look to my style. Also, this bomber with a dress and sneakers also makes an oh so cute look

How do you style your bomber jackets?

Definitely, check out these looks where I used my bomber


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