I have written a post about one of my favorite producers, Zonashi before talking about his sound, but that was literally a year ago and so much has changed. But just in case you have not seen it lets give you an insight. Zonashis sound is something that is new from the ” Trap” music that we hear on the radio on the daily. But it also is completely new from the typical SoundCloud artist sound that includes face past techno, something that I am not that big of a fan of if I am honest. But it’s new and refreshing, with sounds that I cannot compare anything to, and defiantly an artist that I listen to when I want to hear something new and refreshing.


But I’m going to stop talking about his sound for a second because that’s for a whole another blog post. His merch released a little more than a month ago. And it is definitely an eye catcher. On the front, it is plain and simple with just his whole brand on the front saying ” Realm ” something that defiantly describes his style in an unexplainable way. But then on the back, it turns heads really quickly. It features a blade and a snake, an idea that he had complete himself which is undeniably crazy to me because this design is crazy creative. And the colors step away from the minimalistic print that the shirt has to feature bright red, green and blue colors. truly amazing and drew me into the shirt.

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Now, what about the quality of the shirt? It is undeniably soft without a doubt. And snug, I literally have to keep myself from wearing it all the time if I am honest. completely obsessed with it. But if you’re not a fan of the long sleeve I wouldn’t worry because it is also available in a short sleeve. Also, the design is printed on many other items just check out Zonashi.com to see for yourself what is right for you. So knowing all of this.. will you cop the new Zonashi Merch?

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