The number one thing that determines what I wear in the following week is the weather, and of course the occasions I am going to. But seeing that I am not in college yet and my schedule is limited, it’s usually just school Monday – Friday and maybe something after school and or on the weekends, and that’s rare. Mainly there is only one reason why I plan out what I wear for the week, it is to not only save time but give myself an opportunity to look someone cute for the rest of the week. So instead of keeping the outfits that I wear all week to myself what not share it with you guys every week?

Outfits of this week featured a lot of olive green. Although not only is that color perfect for any seasons but it looks flawless on not only my skin tone but most. There is no reason why someone shouldn’t love the color if I am honest. Most of these pieces you guys have seen in my other ootd post but of course, I switched up how I styled it.


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Outfit Details:

OOTD 1 : Dress – Forever 21 Shoes – Nike

OOTD 2: Shirt – Fashion Nova Bomber – Charlotte Russe Pants – Old Navy?

OOTD 3 : Shoes – Black Timberlands Shirt – School Apparel Jeans – Forever 21

OOTD 4: Sweater and Jeans – Fashion Nova


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