Rating – 3.5/5

News that Bryson Tiller dropped a new single called ” Honey ” from his new album made me download the song in the time that it takes me to take a breath. It starts off with the typical Bryson sound with a mix of something that Drake incorporates which is the whole text message or phone call thing.

Quickly it also started to remind me of one of my past relationships and things that we used to go through. And after analyzing the lyrics and hearing ” sticky slow like malases” and ” they don’t know what I know they don’t see what I see” to say that I feel in love with the song is an understatement. This single made me so excited to see what other songs Bryson has to show us on the long-awaited True to Self. And it it’s anything like this song it can be safely said that it will be a little too similar to Trap soul which would be a small disappointment because seeing Bryson experiment with something new would be interesting. But because he is one of my favorite artists there will be no disappointment, that is clear now.

I will agree that this song is something to hold the fans over for the new album or to reach the soon to be fans that have never heard anything of his.

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