keeping up with friends with hands down my number one fear when it came to graduating High School. There are so many people that I loved hanging out with during the school year at lunch, before and after school that I felt like we would never have those moments ever again. Of course, we can keep up with each other through text messages and facetime but it wasn’t going to be the same. And don’t forget that we were kind of forced to do it five times a week, sometimes six depending on what weekend event the school had. But since being out of school for almost a month now it isn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

SnapChat Streaks


most have them already but it’s such an easy way to quickly keep up with your friends. Not only this but every time I am down to hang out with someone I always ask my streaks first because of there the ones that I talk to every single day to say “streak”. And to keep that ever growing number you have to snap them every single fay which can quickly lead to conversation.


If you don’t know already house party is an app that enables you to basically facetime multiple people at once. Pretty nice if you have a humongous friend group.

Scheduale Dates

If all fails just make sure that you and your friends have “dates” were you literally take the time out of both of your schedules to let the meet ups happen.

Taco Tuesday, Movie Monday MAKE TRADITIONS

This is hands down the best thing to do ever because not only is this a cute tradition but your doing it every single week with your besties in any friend group. And you guys are doing something that you love.

Work Together

During the summer the number one thing to do as a teenager fresh out of high school is finding a job, so why not try to land a job with your besties?

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