When I first started blogging it was to express my love for all of my interest. And quickly after being sucked into the whole dos and dont’s of blogging and success stories, having my reason to tell total strangers about my inner thoughts and rambles soon faded. This website that I had since the age of 14 slowly started to denigrate because of a common obsession with numbers and my drive to always be the best at something. Also because people from my school was finding my blog… lol

So right now I’m not going to put a label on anything



But now that I am not only older but I’m somewhat wiser and actually have something worth sharing. I finally have some what of an idea of what stylishranter should be. I vow to not look or worry about the numbers and visitors this site brings in, but mostly just use it as a place to share story experiences, give advice and lastly post pictures or videos of what I love to do. There are so many platforms where I can share my love for photography and videography etc but stylishranter is just a small corner of the internet that was made just for me, 17 ( almost 18-year-old) Raven Alixis who loves anything and everything that has to do with art. Yes I might look back on this website ( if it’s still up) and be completely embarrassed of the outfits, makeup looks and open-hearted blog post like this. But I will love myself for starting to document everything with no filter, while also putting my best foot forward.


Years later, the final decision for stylishranter to be a humble place that has room for improvement, while documenting my life has been in order. I don’t want this to be labeled as a fashion blog or lifestyle blog because with those labels come expectations and me living up to those would leave everyone disappointed. I am not perfect, I’m only human and I’m still finding myself, so not only will my thoughts change, days, months and of course years from now but my expectations and what I want this blog to be will as well. So right now I’m not going to put a label on anything but just write about what ever I want to write about and post whatever needs to be posted, even if it’s a list of stupid gif’s I use on the daily lol.

Anyways, what ever I decide to do with stylishranter I hope you guys all join along, and if your new here, welcome. A new blog name is also in order, it might just be self titled, let me know what you think….



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