Oh Fashion Nova! Only I would wear a body suit in the fall time, well…almost winter. But with California being 90 degrees one day and 50 degrees the next hour, who’s really the crazy one? Fashion Nova is the holly grail for body suits. This one in particular is a favorite because its guess what?…. velvet! No idea where the obsession came from but its such a soft and comftorable material, again who is really the blame?

Top – Fashion Nova

Bottoms – Old Navy?

Shoes – Timberland

It gave off the vibe of pajamas when first styling it but the perfect combination was found! Not only does the fabric material draw me in but the color as well. Wonderful for the holidays and thankfully compliments my skin tone greatly. All of these factors made me ten times more confident in the outfit, and made me want to wear it again.

Ill Talk to you guys in my next post!!!

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