Wow. Yet another year has come and went, but it’s now time for Blogmas! Every year since 2015 I have tried my best to update every day of December. And this year the goal will finally be met. No promises though. But here are some goals that I plan to reach this month.

  1. go to candy cane lane
  2. finish blogmas!
  3. Pass all of my classes this semester
  4. Be number one in sales twice this month at my job
  5. Buy the canon t3i
  6. reach all my goals lol
  7. Set up a newsletter for you guys!
  8. Reach 100 on instagram
  9. Double blog views
  10. Enjoy the holidays more

All of the goals above might seem pretty vague but trust me, they are all something I’ve been trying to reach for a while now. If you don’t know about Candy Cane lane it a street I’ve been trying to visit for years. It’s a neighborhood that goes all out with decorations and everyone from everywhere come to see them. Then we have blogmas, I don’t think it has every been finished on StylishRanter. But there are so many post and ideas that I can wait to share. And if you don’t visit daily, don’t worry because there will be a round-up at the end of the week for both the blog post and YouTube videos.

Speaking of YouTube videos, the canon t3i has been a piece that’s been on my christmas list forever. Hands down would be the perfect investment for my blog and career. Photo quality is amazing and the mirror screen would be perfect for all the outfit of the day post and lookbooks soon to be coming.

So lets cross our fingers that these will all be met!

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