Oh Christmas Wishlist! I thought I would stop writing these by now, but clearly that happen. There are so many things I have been wanting all year and hopefully they will be under the tree. These aren’t just makeup or beauty items by the way. And most would be a really good christmas gift idea for anyone teenager that has similar interests as mine.

Video –

Canon T4i or T3i


As you guys now my love for photography is ever lasting. And it’s about time to get a dslr. With a dslr there is so much more freedom than a regular camera that I have now. And with the flip screen it will be ten times easier shooting YouTube videos because I will finally be able to see myself after I hit the record button

Curling Wand


Honestly,curling my hair with a straightener is not the life for me anymore. It’s just way to time-consuming and it only looks good some days. So this is defiantly on the list to make life easier and faster.

Macbook Pro Case




I found this rose marble case on amazon and it is gorgeous! and it comes with free shipping so defiantly in the top ten

Beats By Dre


These headphones are so cute! Defiantly will get them in all white because its clean and pristine!

External Hard drive

As a blogger, getting the message “storage full” is literally on my schedule. Kind of sad. So to save my computer from being slow as well as content. This is seriously needed for my sanity.

Black Bomber Jacket

Honestly this is so out-of-place on this list. There so much technology and then just a random bomber on the list lol. But seriously this is needed because I love bombers especially during this season. Wearing my green bomber is just not the move for the rest of winter….

Whats on your christmas wish list?

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