Here we are! Yet another year that passed by a little bit too fast for my liking. Just like everyone else, so much has been learned last year. The Raven I was in 2017 is not the same one walking into 2018. Of course, I still have most of the quirky personality traits. But the trials and curve balls that have been thrown shaped me for the better. Even if it wasn’t seen at first

With all of that being said there are so many goals I plan to have this year. And the best way to mark those goals and make sure they are hit are to share them with you guys! So here are my 2018 goals!

  1. Start a Clothing Store
  2. Reach 100k on instagram
  3. Create 300 Blog post on Stylishranter by December 31 
  4. Collaborate with Bloggers
  5. Buy a Car
  6. Volunteer More, pay it forward
  7. Take more Dance Classes/ Fitness Classes
  8. Meet more people
  9. Create a hardcopy photoalbum
  10. Complete a money saving challenge
  12. Go to 6 Concerts
  13. Go to a new restaurant once a month
  14. Have more memorable photos

what are your goals for 2018? I seriously believe I will reach every single one of them on my list because I am THAT determined. Theres nothing holding me back from doing so anymore. I’ll be 18, with a licenses and hopefully a car. Financial income is way better than it was before, and I’s surrounded by positive people that keep me going. I can’t wait for 2018!

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