I feel like everyone has made these post. Because as bloggers we want to push people to enjoy this. Because sharing is caring ya know? But every time I come across these post everyone says the same thing! Improves writings skills, connecting with other bloggers blah blah. Okay everyone can do the same thing on instagram and in an english class. So why would they spend the hard work and valuable time on a blog? Well

Its literally your own personal space on the internet

yes instagram and any other social media platform has the same concept. But with a blog you literally own every little aspect of it. If you don’t like the text format change it. Don’t want all your post set up in a stupid order ( yes I’m talking to you instagram), it can be changed! You can put so much into a blog and really make it your own. Something that can’t be done with other apps.

 Documenting Growth and Memories

this is personally my favorite part about blogging. I can look back at all my old post and remember exactly where it was written and read the passion. I see the little outfits that were oh “so cute”, like the one is this post. And at first it was embarrassing but later it became something Im proud of.

 You build your resume

through developing new hobbies that grow into a valuable skill, and working with brands of course! All of this bloggers can put on their resume and even build future business partners. I even booked a couple of photoshoot gigs as well as an internship because of my blog. Its so crazy how much a hobby has fully extended and helped me in real life!

Spend Your Time Valuably

Why spend time scrolling on instagram when you can put in some real work. Even though blogging won’t make you hundreds or even thousands when first starting out. A couple of dollars here and their is better than nothing. Also your spending the time doing something valuable instead of endless scrolling.


Are you going to start a blog this 2018?

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